Nada Thabet Apr08

Nada Thabet

Spending a day with Nada is like entering Alexandria’s Corniche and suddenly finding yourself driving in the middle of a Grand Prix, a multi-lane racetrack of perpetual motion. Rushing from pillar to post we achieve more in a day than anyone could expect, and all for the sheer life and love of her disabled son, Maged. Years ago when Maged was tiny, mute, blind and unruly, Nada took him to America for a world’s best medical diagnosis of his future. What she got was despair from a specialist who said she’d better treat him as a pet.

New Kid on the Block

The SUV is the perfect hybrid. A sports car, saloon and an off-road truck all rolled into one. As far back as 1940 we were introduced to the Jeep Wagon and have never looked back. Since then some of the biggest names in the car manufacturing industry have graced us with their versions. BMW...

HSi Egypt’s Young Talent

Having worked in the Square Mile, financial district of London city for 15 years, I can confidently say that I have seen a fair few nice office spaces. I sat across from Hany in his office in Mokattam, surprised at how well it could rival some of the offices I have seen abroad and asked him how it all began.

Moments Recipe Jun08

Moments Recipe

Tasty summer recipes. Try this sumptuous and light Asian Beef Salad, washed down with Mama's Tiramasu

Closer to Yourself Jun07

Closer to Yourself

Have you ever seen a picture of yourself and thought, “Is this how people see me?” - Dr Irini Thabet talks about how we can fill the gap between who we are and how others see us.

Our Children Our Treasure Jun06

Our Children Our Tre...

From the moment our children are born we look upon them as another us, another me. And this new version should be ideal in every way. A perfect, faultless, love-able little me.

Infinity of Memories Jun05

Infinity of Memories

I felt my mother’s fingers around mine, holding my hand and walking me to the door, as I walked away I took a last glance at those empty walls, I saw a slide show of our lives.

Full Friday Jun02

Full Friday

Where would you go in Cairo if you wanted to eat out ALL DAY? Wesam Masoud takes us on a whirlwind ride for places to eat from dusk till dawn.

The Perfect Dinner Party Jun01

The Perfect Dinner P...

Throwing a dinner party is not for the faint-hearted. A dozen things can go wrong and the worst part is that you have an audience to see, smell, hear and laugh at it. For some reason, Murphy’s Law seems to kick in any time there is an important event or circumstance. The good news is that...

The Arabian House May30

The Arabian House

This is an outstanding yet unpretentious home. It is the brainchild of Sally Mohsen, an English mother to five charming daughters who moved to Egypt four years ago with her husband Usama Mohsen.

Bag A Good One. May17

Bag A Good One.

Moments Top Picks of Designer Bags for 2010/2011   By Nadine Mahmoud Nadine Mahmoud originally from London is a graduate of Mathematics and a hardened fashionista. Having run her own international clothing brand, what Nadine does not know about...

Recognize a Wolf? May17

Recognize a Wolf?

The second in the Nadia In the City Series: Somehow, they seem to be able to emulate the image of the person you have dreamed about your whole life. If you don’t resist you won’t know what’s hit you until it’s too late.

Qusai – Don Legend

He currently hosted MBC's “Arabs Got Talent” one of the biggest shows to hit Egypt and indeed the Middle East in decades. He brought us MTV Arabia’s Hip Hopna the first ever of it’s kind on Arabian television. He is signed to Platinum Records, having already sold over 50,000 copies of his last two albums. Moments bring you the in depth exclusive with one of Arabias biggest rising stars.

Chocolate & YOU! May15

Chocolate & YOU...

Now you can indulge in the sweet smoothness of chocolate without gaining a single pound

Diwan Book Review 3 May14

Diwan Book Review 3

The Confession John Grisham An innocent man is about to be executed. Only a guilty man can save him. For every innocent man sent to prison, there is a guilty one left on the outside. He doesn’t understand how the police and prosecutors got the wrong man, and he certainly doesn’t care. He...

Diwan Book Review 2 May12

Diwan Book Review 2

Life Without Limits Nick Vujicic You may have heard him speak or watched his videos. If you appreciated his honesty and candor in person, then you will truly love his book! Nick shares his personal story like never before. Reaching inward, he speaks from the depths of his heart…...

Tainted Girl May10

Tainted Girl

So here’s the story. He was sitting alone with memories of the special girlfriends he had dated during his High School and University years. Memories kept passing until he found himself thinking about marriage. This was when she approached him. Upon asking him which one of his previous girl...

Diwan Book Review 1 May10

Diwan Book Review 1

Signposts To Elsewhere Yahia Lababidi What can I say? I loved this book! It was undemanding of me as a reader in the sense that it tricks you into thinking of it as an easy read.  But actually, it was stimulating and thought-provoking. Aphorisms are an old art form; Lababidi applies to...

Beauty Diary May10

Beauty Diary

Walk into the season armed with the most luxurious beauty buys for a polished up, glossier you.

Insomnia May10


“I must end this madness”. I try as much as humanely possible to delay going to sleep. The boring rituals of getting ready for bed set me in panic mode because I know, just like every night, I will have trouble sleeping. So why should I try sleeping now? If I’m not going to sleep for the...

Arab-ish May10


Kam…No, Er, Kem? Urgh! I dispiritedly throw my Arabic newspaper copy of Al-Ahram on the coffee table in front of me with a frustrated sigh. I’ll never be able to read Arabic easily, I glumly think as I eye a seductive piece of chocolate fudge cake waiting expectantly on the...

15 Love Foods May08

15 Love Foods

Why not try some widely known ‘Love Food’ thought to spice things up between you and your partner. Check out our list of the foods that get thing going. Certain foods known as Aphrodisiacs are said to increase a person’s desire but are Aphrodisiacs a myth or a reality? Do Aphrodisiac...

Australia to Alexandria May08

Australia to Alexand...

  I came to Alexandria to finish a novel, but that’s another story! Home is Australia – which some call Down Under* – the largest island continent, anchored firmly at the bottom of the world. Inhabited by Aborigines more than 40,000 years ago, it was taken by the British...

Mohamed Khan

Mohamed Khan is one of Egypt’s most celebrated film directors. With over 20 films made spanning a career of over 30 years and more awards than you would care to count, he continues to delight audiences with his storytelling and realist charm. In this exclusive interview with Moments Magazine, Muhammad talks about his life long passion and why he would always choose to be an Egyptian film maker over Hollywood.

Gadget Gifts May08

Gadget Gifts

What better way to say I love you than the latest in gadgets? But more often than not, the gifts we buy either fit the useful but ugly, or the beautiful but useless categories. Well, maybe we can help you with that. For you both Let’s start with Apple’s new sixth generation ipod...

Why chocolate? May08

Why chocolate?

Have you ever wondered why we crave chocolate? What is it about that soft, sweet substance that makes it unique? The destroyer of diets, the ultimate comfort food, there are times when nothing else will do. What is behind the almost uncontrollable urge of the chocoholic? The ancient Mayan...

Getaway – The 6 Most Romantic Cities in the World May02

Getaway – The 6 Most...

Think outside the (chocolate) box while planning a romantic getaway…After all, ‘romantic’ doesn’t have to mean ‘run-of-the-mill’ (but don’t worry, we haven’t confused classic with clichéd)…Check out our list for some unexpected but truly amorous destinations to fly to… ...

Let’s Talk May02

Let’s Talk

Speech is perhaps one of the most important attributes of humankind. Without it, life would simply be unliveable, not to mention that it would be nothing like what it is today. Through verbal communication, the human race has encountered development, discoveries, artistic masterpieces,...

What does your father do? Apr25

What does your fathe...

What does your father do? It has to be the most annoying question you can possibly be asked to answer when you have come to an interview to show what YOU can do and not what your parents can do for you.

The Bittersweet Tase of Egypt Apr06

The Bittersweet Tase...

Watching Masry leave Egypt reminded me of the painful feelings I endured every time I left Egypt; like a torn umbilical cord between a mother and child. But Masry realises that despite Egypt’s problems and shortcomings, it was worth living in. He compromises, preferring the bittersweet taste of black honey.